Learning More About Uptime

October 5, 2012 by R. Mia
Learning More About Uptime
As the demand for web host providers continues to grow due to the number of individuals and businesses that are trying to launch a website, the competition continues to rise as well. And so every web hosting company out there are ready to offer only the best for their customers. They need to stay ahead of the game and stand out from the rest which is why they come up with different web hosting packages to accommodate the needs and budget of every prospective client.

One of the terms that you’ll usually encounter when looking for a good web host provider is uptime. But what exactly does uptime means? What benefit will having a good uptime provide to your website? Without sounding very technical, uptime refers to the availability of a server or servers to ensure that your website is up and running. A server that crashes often is a nightmare for any website because unavailability online could mean loss of potential clients and income.

It is important for a website to establish a strong presence online and in order to do this, it should always be up and available 24/7. It is the responsibility of web host providers to ensure that all the websites that they host are readily available and can be easily accessed online. And while technical issues are quite unavoidable, these issues must be resolved in no time and should not occur on a regular basis. Since web host providers often measure their uptime performance by percentage such as 98% while others even claim 99% uptime, do not hesitate to ask and have it converted to number of days that your site might be down on a 12-month period. For example a 99.99% uptime often means that a website will only experience about an hour of downtime for an entire year.

How do websites benefit from a good uptime? If your business is engaged in selling products and services online then uptime is a very important factor to keep your business afloat. A company could lose a great deal of money just being offline for an hour. Remember that with the number of stores online, a customer can easily choose another website that is readily available to process their transactions.

In choosing a web host provider, uptime is only one of the many points to consider. Also make sure that the company that can effectively address the issue of downtime and will provide you with good technical support and customer service.

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