Address: 1918 valencia
napa CA 94558
United States

Phone:1-877-581-4678 Fax:N/A Last Update: November 4, 2012
Constant™ Hosting provides industry leading hosting performance backed by our world class infrastructure. In addition, Constant™ Hosting has been built as a service oriented business, designed to take care of any support needs your organization may have.

Secure & Redundant Datacenter Facilities

Our physical location allows us to directly connect to major backbone providers and enable our company to deliver outstanding network performance and industry leading latency.

High-Speed Network

Constant™ Hosting's Premium IP Network is designed from the ground up as a multi-homed network for maximum reliability. We have partnered up with multiple transit and bandwidth providers to connect directly to major backbones and provide one of the fastest and highest capacity networks in the industry.

Guaranteed Performance & Reliability

•100% Network Uptime
•0% Packetloss Guarantee
•100% Power and HVAC Availability
•Hardware Replacement Guarantee

24 x 7 Support

Your clients expect your website to be there 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's why we staff our facilities around the clock with competent staff to solve any potential trouble, small or large. Peace of mind is our goal.

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