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Price: (in US Dollars)
Choose the price that you're willing to pay each month, or indicate 'No Preference'. Please note that some providers charge customers every 3 months, 6 months, or even annually.

Data Transfer:
Data transfer represents the amount of data used every time someone visits a web page. For example, if a web page contains a 30KB image, and the HTML file it is placed on is 12KB, the total data transfer is 42KB for that page when someone visits it. If hundreds (or thousands) of people visit this web page at any given time, the amount of data transferred is 42KB multiplied by the number of people visiting. If this total exceeds the amount of bandwidth assigned to a web site by a web host, the web page is no longer available. The amount of bandwidth a site requires depends on the nature of the site. Sites containing graphics require more bandwidth than text-based web sites. Sites offering audio and video files often require a very large data transfer allowance. If you do not know the amount of data you require, or have no specific preferences as far as the amount of data is concerned, choose 'No Preference'.

Select one of the options available or choose 'Any' if you do not have a preference:
A Windows server should be used if you intend to utilize Microsoft solutions (Microsoft SQL Server, etc.), or other solutions designed specifically for use on the Windows platform. Windows can be used to host solutions designed for UNIX and Linux, although some say they run better on the platforms they were designed for. The current Microsoft Windows Operating System (OS) version is Windows 2008. While many hosts offer both, some only offer the previous Windows version, Windows 2003.

UNIX and Linux are closely related platforms. Linux is a free Unix-type OS. A range of scripts and solutions have been designed for these platforms, including the extremely popular PHP programming language. While Microsoft Windows can be used to host scripts and solutions designed for UNIX and Linux, it is not possible to run Windows solutions on the UNIX / Linux platforms.

Mac OS X Server is a UNIX server operating system designed by Apple. It is commonly utilized by small businesses, educational institutions and companies looking for benefits such as improved security and ease of use.
Storage Option:
Colocation storage options include Rack, Cage and Cabinet. If you have a preference of type of storage option, indicate it here. If you do not know about the possible options available, or have no preference, choose 'No Preference'.

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