Web Hosting Interview - Host Duplex June 2010

Web Hosting Interview - Host Duplex June 2010

Sam Jadali, owner of Host Duplex

HostSearch interviewed Sam Jadali of Host Duplex, a company that puts the customer first in their equation for success.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Sam, thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you. It's interesting of how you started the company. Can you please tell us more about what you have done before starting the company and why you decided to create Host Duplex?
    SAM JADALI: I began my hosting adventures at an early age. I always had a feeling that at one point in my life I would take on web hosting with full steam.  From an early age, I've always kept the desire, passion, and motivation but my studies always held me back. At the age of fifteen, I founded my first web hosting company called "4webspace.com." After seeing various web hosting companies on the internet I thought to myself "Why shouldn't I start one myself?"

    While I was in my first year at the University of Iowa majoring in the Biological Sciences, I started Livin4.com and shift the business into a for-profit venture in which I sold in early 2005. As time went on, I had to give my love for the business up so I could continue with my undergraduate career.  I eventually sold Livin4.com to another web hosting company with Iowa roots.

    In 2007, I began researching my next business venture.  I researched every aspect of the industry, the marketing, the hardware, software, security, and all the technologies, that go into web hosting services.  After nearly a year of planning Host Duplex was founded in 2008.  My goal with Host Duplex was to provide unparalleled service and support for our clients.  We own all of our own equipment and use proven technology.  We spend hours every day researching new technology and software, before we make any purchases.  Each server goes through a 48 hour burn-in test before it goes into a production environment.  We focus our services to customers who desire reliability and security while providing value and honesty.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What's your best selling product at Host Duplex?
    SAM JADALI: Our best selling product is our customer service.  We have a fun, caring, and in-house staff that is hired based on technical experience and their aptitude for courteous, professional interpersonal communication.  Secondly, we have a standing policy to never lie to the customer.  We build a rapport with our clients and do our best to make them know we care.  Our staff routinely evaluates how we can better serve our clients.   To answer the question many of you are looking for, our best selling packages are our XenServer VPS plans.  XenServer has proven to be the most reliable, stable, and most isolated of any virtualized environment.  The product itself describes our business philosophy.  We do our best to make sure you don't have any issues.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What hardware and network are you using?
    SAM JADALI: All of our servers are top of the line Dell PowerEdge Servers.  All of our servers feature hardware RAID, redundant power supplies, and enterprise level hard drives.  Before we make any purchase we thoroughly research all available technology before making any decisions to ensure we are making the best decisions for us and our clients.

    Our primary datacenter is located at the world-renowned Lakeside Technology Center (350 E Cermak, Chicago, IL).  It is the world's largest data center and carrier hotel and house's multiple networks.  Our network providers include XO, TeliaSonera, Level (3,) nLayer, and Savvis.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Your support policy is quite interesting. Can you please tell us more about how Host Duplex supports the customers?
    SAM JADALI: Great customer support is of extreme importance to us. What's the point of a great product if the salesman and customer support are incompetent?  We offer 24/7 support, and we guarantee your satisfaction.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What are the advantages of hosting with Host Duplex?
    SAM JADALI: As cliché as it sounds, we are about service, service, and service.  We understand that your website is not only a lifeline of your business, but you.  Our emphasis on service lies in three areas, security, reliability, and customer service. We only use the highest quality hardware and are on a premium network.  We always ask our customers to research the companies they go with and read reviews, you won't be disappointed with ours.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Great! Do you have any special coupon offer for our readers?
    SAM JADALI: Yes we do!  Any New customers from HostSearch will receive a limited time 20% off any one of our plans (including domains), using coupon code: HOSTSEARCH
  • HOSTSEARCH: What can we expect from Host Duplex in the next 12 months?
    SAM JADALI: We plan on growing into a company that can provide even more for our clients.  Our plans this year include a revamp to our web site as well as reducing our carbon footprint.  We are currently looking into the many green options including purchasing renewable energy certificates to offset our carbon footprint.  We plan on being a completely carbon neutral company within the next year.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Sam, thank you very much for taking time talking with us today.

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