Web Hosting Interview - Logicidea May 2010

Web Hosting Interview - Logicidea May 2010

E. Bogaerts, founder of Logicidea

HostSearch talked with E. Bogaerts, founder of Logicidea, a boutique hosting company.

  • HOSTSEARCH: Mr. Bogaerts, thanks for talking to us. I think we should start with you giving us some insight into Logicidea and what your role is within the company.
    E. BOGAERTS: Logicidea is a boutique hosting company focusing on providing hosting and SaaS solution to SME's.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Were you involved in Logicidea from the outset?
    E. BOGAERTS: Indeed, I founded the company early 2009.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What was the inspiration behind the company? What drove its development?
    E. BOGAERTS: I was looking at hosting providers myself early 2009 and found it a very complex market with a lot of price competition. I could never really make out whether I was getting a good deal. So I decided to launch in this business first to fulfill my own needs and now also the needs of others.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Your website shows Logicidea's involvement in providing a number of hosting-related products and services. Can you give us a brief outline of everything the company is involved in?
    E. BOGAERTS: We offer the traditional shared, reseller and VPS hosting packages as advertised on our website. Some customers start out with those packages but most customers contact us for custom packages which rejoin my earlier point about people having difficulty in choosing the right package.
  • HOSTSEARCH: What's your best selling hosting product?
    E. BOGAERTS: Our VPS packages are quite popular especially since we provide quite a good price and close to 100% uptime.
  • HOSTSEARCH: I'm sure our readers would like to check out your offer. Do you have any special promotion for HostSearch readers?
    E. BOGAERTS: Well, I'm happy to offer your readers a 20% discount on any of our packages if they sign up with us within 3 months of this publication. Just mention the code HOSTSEARCH or contact us on contact@logicidea.com
  • HOSTSEARCH: Do you plan for any expansion?
    E. BOGAERTS: We're always interested to take over smaller hosting organisations, especially those organisations that started off as a garage project and now start to feel growing pains. But we do intend to stay a boutique organisation. We're also moving more into providing SaaS solutions, for example hosted e-commerce solutions.
  • HOSTSEARCH: How do you see the web hosting industry going in the next 3 years?
    E. BOGAERTS: Hosting needs to become simpler for consumers. Look at any hosting provider website and you get overwhelmed with technical jargon - we're no exception by the way. Does it really have to be like that? SaaS has a great future, it goes along the same lines of end user simplication. And finally cloud or utility computing is very promising. In a few years you will be able to connect your own PC to the cloud and instead of using the utility, you'll be delivering it. A bit like what's happening with electricity now, where you can generate your own and put it back in the grid. Maybe peer-to-peer hosting will finally see the light?
  • HOSTSEARCH: When the day is done or the week over, what do you do to relax and enjoy yourself?
    E. BOGAERTS: I do like to travel and I enjoy playing piano.
  • HOSTSEARCH: Thank you for giving us an opportunity to talk with you today.
    E. BOGAERTS: You're welcome.

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