Andrew Moore Made New Chief Technical Officer at QuadraNet

September 10, 2017
Andrew Moore Made New Chief Technical Officer at QuadraNet
Andrew Moore has been made the new Chief Technical Officer at QuadraNet, Inc. (QuadraNet). QuadraNet, which has headquarters in California, Los Angeles, United States, was established in 2001. With operations across the United States, the company specializes in a number of areas including data center management, colocation, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and cloud hosting. Mr. Moore has been with QuadraNet for a number of years.

In his new role Mr. Moore will be in charge of executing the next phase of the company’s technical vision and ensuring “the projects we’re developing come to life.” He has held a number of roles at QuadraNet, starting in Miami, Florida where he was involved in managing and growing the company’s infrastructure and services. He moved to Los Angeles, California in 2016 where he was in charge of “effecting operational improvements to QuadraNet’s facilities and support”. Before joining QuadraNet he had his own hosting business.

“After increasing efficiency, productivity, and quality within our support department, I am pleased to pass on the torch to Rafael Oganesyan, who will now be in the role of Support Manager,” explained Mr. Moore. “My focus and primary motivation remains the same, creating value and improving quality of services for QuadraNet’s customers.” “Andrew has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team,” added Ilan Mishan, the founder and CEO of QuadraNet. “With many exciting projects and improvements in the making, I’m excited to witness the success he will achieve in his new role.”

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