Aplus.Net Reaches Major Milestone with Online Knowledge Base

January 15, 2004
Over 30% of Customer Support Requests Handled by Online Knowledge Base

San Diego, California –January 15, 2004 - Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net), a leading Internet presence provider to small and medium-sized businesses, announced today that they have reached a major milestone with their online knowledge base.

The Aplus.Net online knowledge base is currently handling over 30% of Aplus.Net’s customer support requests after having been in place for just one year. To view the online knowledge base, please visit http://apluskb.com.

“Aplus.Net has introduced many "firsts" in the Web hosting industry and I consider the online knowledge base to be one of our finest accomplishments,” said Ivan Vachovsky, chief executive officer for Aplus.Net. “While many of our competitors are still struggling with FAQ lists, Aplus.Net has a robust online knowledge base available to our customers and our support staff.”

Aplus.Net’s online knowledge base was developed as a means to provide customers with immediate answers to product and service related questions 24/7/365. There are over 1,850 documents in the online knowledge base that contain important information on account management and technical product and service information that can be easily accessed via a powerful three-way search.

Customers are able to address their own questions by searching for answers in an easy-to-use self-service environment. The appeal of the online knowledge base is the convenience factor. Customers can get answers to their questions anytime, day or night and they can even receive custom answers by asking questions in their personal folder. Aplus.Net’s employees answer new questions on a daily basis and most questions are answered within 24-hours.

“We’ve been so pleased with the results of our online knowledge base that we’ve made it available to customers who want to implement an online knowledge base on their own Web site,” said Ronan Winter, executive vice president of marketing and business development. “It’s a great tool that allows small and medium-sized businesses to deliver quality support while containing operational costs.”

Aplus.Net’s online knowledge base is powered by Rodopi Software (www.rodopi.com), a leading provider of automated billing, provisioning and customer care for service providers.

About Aplus.Net (www.aplus.net)

Aplus.Net is a leading provider of Internet services to small and medium-sized businesses. The company’s headquarters are located in San Diego, CA with other offices in Anaheim, CA, Sacramento, CA, Atlanta, GA and Europe. Aplus.Net specializes in providing a complete Internet presence, including domain name registration, corporate identity on the Internet, matching e-mail addresses, web design, web hosting, e-commerce, credit card processing tools, and website maintenance. Aplus.Net is among the ten largest privately held web hosting and domain name registration companies in the USA and is a facilities based provider. The Company owns and operates its own data center and its own ICANN accredited domain names registrar (Names4Ever.com).

About Rodopi (www.rodopi.com)

Rodopi is a worldwide leader in automated, Web-based solutions for comprehensive billing, provisioning and customer care for Internet-based companies, including web hosting, internet access, application services and converged voice, data and content providers. Rodopi enables service providers to automate time-consuming, technical and business processes to quickly improve profitability. By automating previously manual processes, service providers can immediately reduce overhead, headcount, expenses and customer churn, while increasing revenues and profitability. Rodopi also provides an integrated trouble-ticket and customer self-care system for fully automated 24 by 7 technical support. For more information about our leading automation and management software, please visit www.rodopi.com, or call toll free 1-877-476-3674 within the United States or 1-858-410-6985 outside the United States.

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