Australia's Monash University Shuts Down Data Center and Transitions to the Cloud

October 31, 2017
Australia's Monash University Shuts Down Data Center and Transitions to the Cloud
Australia's Monash University (Monash) has announced it has shut down its data center and transitioned to fully cloud-based solutions. Monash is located in Melbourne, Victoria and is one of Australia's leading public universities, ranking in the world's top 100 institutions. Established in 1958 and home to around 73,000 students, it is recognized as being one of Australia's eight leading research universities. The institution looked to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google to support its 'cloud-only' pledge.

While AWS is by far the leading cloud provider globally, the 'Google Cloud Platform' is enjoying increasing traction. Monash turned off thousands of unwanted systems and with the support of the two cloud providers, gave itself a four-month window for migration to a public cloud. The successful transition means Monash will no longer have to address issues related to their previous systems. However, the university might regard a move to a public cloud as an initial move rather than a final solution.

"Everyone told us it would take three to five years and most of our people thought it was impossible because there were so many dependencies, but we got it done in four months," explained Trevor Woods, Monash's Chief Information Officer in discussion with ITNews Australia. "Declaring cloud-only was a way to deal with a lot of problems," he added.

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