Bart Thomas Named Macquarie's General Manager for Government Cloud

October 27, 2017
Bart Thomas Named Macquarie's General Manager for Government Cloud
Bart Thomas has been named Macquarie Telecom Group's (Macquarie) 'General Manager for Government Cloud'. Macquarie, which has head offices in Sydney, Australia, is the country's premier telecommunications provider and offers a range of offerings, including cloud, colocation and SD-WAN options alongside voice, mobile and data services. Mr. Thomas is the former CEO of Sydney-based Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner and cloud hosting services provider Anchor Cloud Hosting.

Mr. Thomas held the CEO position at Anchor Cloud Hosting from early 2014. Prior to this he was involved in work with technology management groups at Australia's at Federal Government agencies. He has also held roles in private companies in Australia and the United Kingdom. His appointment came after Macquarie announced its plans to expand its presence in the government sector.

“The chance to join Macquarie Government represents an opportunity too good to refuse,” Thomas said in an article on “The combination of attributes that Macquarie Government has pulled together in its business is completely unique in the government cloud market, and is incredibly exciting. “I am well aware of Macquarie Government’s great reputation from my years in the cloud business, and look forward to helping continue its impressive performance in the government."

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