British Web Host EUKhost Announces WordPress Hosting Options

December 16, 2014
British Web Host EUKhost Announces WordPress Hosting Options
British web host EUKhost has announced the launch of WordPress hosting options. Wordpress is a secure and highly usable solution which according to Forbes was used for 60 million websites in 2012. At the time of going to press, WordPress had been downloaded "30,416,531 30,416,531 times". eUKhost's WordPress options offer users a "premium all inclusive service" for Wordpress websites. The company, which is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, is offering packages that are optimized for the popular Open Source blogging software and Content Management System (CMS).

eUKhost's options include Google XML Sitemaps, Shareaholic, Sweet Captcha, WordPress SEO, WP-Optimize and WP Super Cache utility plugins. They are fully managed with eUKhost managing all security updates for its customers' sites. The company is offering three new hosting options - the "Starter" plan which provides 5GB of disk space and allows users to have 5 blogs and 25 email accounts for £3.99 ($6.24) per month, the "Standard" plan provides 20GB of disk space with an allowance of 20 blogs and 200 email accounts at £9.99 ($15.62) a month, and the "Professional" plan which offers 50GB of disk space and an "unlimited number of blogs, and an unlimited number of email accounts".

“Wordpress has been the leading blogging platform for a number of years now and we are proud to be offering it in a form that will empower content professionals, especially if they are non-technical users,” explained eUKhost's CEO and MD, Robert King. “With the inclusion of MTvScan to scan customer websites for malware, industry leading customer service, a free domain name, and a 99.95% uptime guarantee, we have covered all bases so that we can guarantee our customers a superior experience that will support them not only now, but into the future.”

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