Cloud and Search Giant Launches Google Hire

April 16, 2017
Cloud and Search Giant Launches Google Hire
Cloud and search giant Google has launched ‘Google Hire’ - a new jobs site. Google, which has headquarters in Mountain View, California, United States, is an Alphabet Inc. company. No official announcements have been made to date regarding the new site, but it is active and can be seen online.

Alongside cloud and search activity, Google is renowned for introducing a diverse range of services, some of which flourish, but many of which are unceremoniously pulled after a short stint online – the most recent of which, Google Spaces, comes to mind. It bites dust on April 17, 2017.

But unlike Google Spaces, Google Hire has enormous potential and sets Google up as a potential competitor for sites like LinkedIn.

Google Hire was developed by its ‘Bepop’ team. Google bought Bepop to help the company integrate cloud products at across its entire infrastructure. The company paid VMware co-founder Diane Greene $380.2 for Bepop in January last year. Greene was on the Google board at the time and has been in charge of Google’s cloud activity since 2015.

Google Hire will help companies manage applications and track the application procedure. The site already has some job listings posted but appears to only be available to selected accounts – logging in with a regular Google account seems impossible at present.

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