Cloud and Server Migration Services Provider WSM Launches Free Service

October 24, 2017
Cloud and Server Migration Services Provider WSM Launches Free Service
Cloud and server migration services provider WSM International (WSM) has launched a free service for customers. WSM, which has headquarters in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, was established in 2003. The company specializes in cloud and server migration services alongside transformation and DevOps services. It bills itself as one of "the largest specialized migration services providers in the world" and its new free service is designed to help companies "right size their hosted infrastructure and save money".

The "no-cost, risk-free" WSM Environment Evaluation service determines if a "hosted computing infrastructure is properly sized for current and future needs". The solution examines infrastructure and evaluates hardware, software, database, networking and other technical aspects of a hosted environment to create a report that informs customers "if systems are underperforming and/or if their organization is overpaying for resources they’ll never fully use". The solution also provides details on CPU, memory, load average, and disk usage alongside security, performance, and transformation evaluations (when applicable). It also offers a "competitive cost analysis of up to four hosting providers".

“Since 2003, WSM has completed thousands of migrations and when we are involved in advising on best practices from the start of the project, we make sure that the customer migrates to the correctly sized environment,” explained WSM's CEO, Ryan Pelerin. “But this isn’t always the case. As many as half of all migrations don’t move to a properly sized environment. Many organizations just move their IT systems with little or no thought as to whether or not their current or planned configuration makes technical or economic sense".

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