Cloud Company AlphaPoint Technology Acquires Software Solutions and Services Company N’compass Solutions

January 4, 2015
Cloud Company AlphaPoint Technology Acquires Software Solutions and Services Company N’compass Solutions
Cloud company AlphaPoint Technology has acquired Minneapolis-based software solutions and services company N’compass Solutions. Sarasota, Florida-based AlphaPoint's acquisition will strengthen the company's AssetCentral foundational software solution.

AlphaPoint Technology's AssetCentral Asset Management (ITAM) solution offers clients improved insight into data center and IT capabilities. It also offers a range of "Enterprise" IT and cloud services alongside data center management, cable and connectivity options, and green data center software services.

With 14 years of experience in the industry, N’compass prides itself on being the company that "revolutionized the way to deliver IT consulting". The company will continue to operate in Minneapolis as a AlphaPoint Technology subsidiary. N’compass will extend AlphaPoint’s IT solution products to incorporate software products and services.

N’compass also offers a Data Center Service Optimization (DCSO) solution known as LiveDC. LiveDC measures Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) functions such as performance, space management, power, cooling, and asset tracking which generate reports that track "strategic progress" and offer clients better intelligence to use in decision making.

“N’compass has more than 14 years of strategic IT expertise that they have tapped to create a very unique software platform with a core mission to improve the delivery of accurate data and analytics to help IT professionals gain visibility into their IT environment and improve decision-making," explained AlphaPoint's CEO, Gary Macleod. "We see a lot of potential for not only broadening the capabilities of AssetCentral, but introducing complimentary products through a suite of solutions that will reach beyond the data center structure.”

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