Cloud Infrastructure Company VMware to Acquire Cloud Security Services Provider CloudCoreo

February 21, 2018
Cloud Infrastructure Company VMware to Acquire Cloud Security Services Provider CloudCoreo
Cloud infrastructure company VMware is to acquire cloud security services provider CloudCoreo. VMware has global head offices in Palo Alto, California, United States. Established in 1998, the company’s products and services include cloud infrastructure, virtualization, cloud management, data center service, and network virtualization. Its acquisition of CloudCoreo will enhance security for its hybrid cloud environments. Financial aspects of the deal have not been released.

CloudCoreo is a startup with headquarters in Seattle, Washington, United States. Only established in 2014, the company provides a “next generation platform for proactive and real-time cloud security” that identifies and fixes misconfigurations and vulnerabilities in public clouds and allows DevOps and SecOps teams to “efficiently secure, manage, and scale their cloud infrastructure across any cloud provider”. The acquisition underscores VMware’s focus on security, and follows its purchase of AppDefense in September 2018. VMware believes through the acquisition its hybrid cloud customers will have a “better understanding of their applications and data”. CloudCoreo’s small team will be fully absorbed by VMware.

“As a part of VMware, CloudCoreo will enable us to extend our model of supporting consistent operations across any cloud,” explained VMware’s General Manager, Cloud Services, Milin Desai on the company’s blog. “We will help customers to access the best cloud for the needs of each individual application, while optimizing security and compliance. And we will give customers the ultimate choice to develop any type of application their business needs and deploy to any cloud, without increasing complexity or risk to the business.”

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