Cloud OS Provider CloudLinux Launches Imunify360 Partner Guide

September 13, 2017
Cloud OS Provider CloudLinux Launches Imunify360 Partner Guide
Cloud Operating System (OS) provider CloudLinux has launched the Imunify360 Partner Guide. With headquarters in Arcadia, California, United States, CloudLinux offers a secure and stable version of Linux which is widely utilized within the hosting industry, particularly for shared hosting environments. There have been around 80,000 CloudLinux installations to date. The Imunify360 Partner Guide is a collection of resources that “helps hosting providers increase Imunify360 sales and expand services”.

Imunify360 offers “six-layer security” for Linux VPS, dedicated, and shared servers. A CloudLinux solution, it provides “total protection against attacks” that requires less involvement by users by offering “hands-off automation” that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). It protects servers from infections, maintains secure kernels, and provides users with key information regarding the security of their servers. It offers ‘Centralized Incident Management’ with an advanced firewall and Malware detection alongside sandboxing, patch management and reputation management.

CloudLinux’s guide helps hosting providers protect their shared servers with Imunify360. It offers product seals and content designed to “educate shared hosting customers and differentiate services from their competitors”. It also helps VPS and dedicated hosting providers that resell Imunify360 to their customer generate revenue by upselling Imunify360. The guide provides website content and emails alongside logos and promotional materials, and access to ‘best practices’ for shopping cart integration.

“Imunify360 was developed to provide complete protection for Linux Web servers, and therefore create a much safer web environment,” explained the CEO of CloudLinux, Igor Seletskiy. “In our new partner guide, we offer a collection of content, advertising collateral, logos, and best practices examples so that our partners can educate their customers on the value Imunify360 provides, how it secures their websites, and why it is important.”

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