CrystalTech Offers New Ongoing Promotions In Addition to Simplifying and Upgrading Their Shared Hosting Plans

January 21, 2004
With an eye toward the future, as well as with a nod to the spirit of the holiday season, CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc, a leading provider of Windows-based web hosting, today announced two new ongoing promotions designed to benefit both current and future shared hosting customers. The first promotion gives customers free setup when they pre-pay for their fist three months of hosting, whereas the second gives customers free setup and adds three months to their hosting term when they pay for their first twelve months' worth of hosting in advance. Both promotions were revealed with the release of the new CrystalTech website and the simplification of their existing shared hosting Plans.

According to Tim Uzzanti, CrystalTech CEO, the hosting company has always had a promotion of some sort advertised on their site. "For the longest time, if a customer paid their Plan's setup fee and for the first two months' of hosting in advance, we would give them a free month. The new free setup promotion is similar, but it removes the stigma some customers associate with paying a setup fee. As we do not hold customers to contracts, now should a customer leave after taking advantage taking advantage of the free setup promotion, they really do only pay for the time they have used our service, and nothing more." When asked about the free setup and free month offer, Mr. Uzzanti stated, "We were beginning to receive a lot of questions regarding pre-payment discounts for customers wanting to pay for a year of hosting in advance. In the past we always pointed to the free month promotion we had. However, more and more people are looking to pay for hosting upfront, for longer terms. As this is easier for both customers and for CrystalTech, we figured we would give those people a bit of a reward and waive the setup fee and add three months to their term for free, giving them fifteen months' worth of hosting for the price of twelve. It is a win-win situation for all involved."

The two new promotions were rolled out today with the new CrystalTech website. The new site not only makes it easier for customers to find what they need quickly, it also incorporated the depth and breadth of information CrystalTech is known for providing. The new site also reveals the simplification of their Shared Hosting Plans, including a new naming scheme and the addition of bandwidth and disk space allocations for their upper-level Shared Plans. For example, previously CrystalTech used a numbering scheme for naming their Shared Hosting Plans, from the Plan 0 up to the semi-dedicated Plan V. Now, however, they've adopted a more descriptive naming convention, starting with the Shared Basic Plan, then moving up to the Shared Intermediate, the Shared Advanced and the Shared Premier Plan. Their semi-dedicated Plan V is now the Semi-Dedicated Advanced Plan, giving CrystalTech the ability to add semi-dedicated Plans in the future. With the change to the naming convention comes the consolidation of two Plans, formerly their Plans III an IV, into the Shared Premier Plan. The consolidation also provides an increase in disk space allocation and monthly bandwidth allocation for the Shared Intermediate through the Semi-Dedicated Advanced Plans.

"CrystalTech has long been in a very enviable position thanks, in part, to our ability to adopt and adapt to the latest industry technologies and trends. For example, we are now running our entire shared network on Windows 2003, after upgrading almost 25,000 customers from Windows 2000. Most hosts would have to sit back and catch their collective breath after a feat like that. However, we wanted to do just a little bit more before the end of the year. The new site, the new promotions, the new hosting Plans, they all are a byproduct of the hard work we put in to providing the best possible hosting environment for customers. And we're not done. We have big plans for 2004, so stay tuned," said Mr. Uzzanti.

About CrystalTech

Founded in 1992, privately held CrystalTech Web Hosting, Inc. has become one of the largest Windows based hosting company in the world. Without the pressures of outside influences or venture capital interests, CrystalTech has the unique ability to focus profits on services and features not commonly found in the web hosting industry. Customer satisfaction is CrystalTech’s number one priority and their 75% referral rate demonstrates this commitment. With a strong financial position, a large customer base and a high referral rate, CrystalTech Web Hosting Inc., is aligned to remain an industry leader. For more information, see the CrystalTech website at
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