Data Center Interconnection Platform DCspine Opens PoP in’s New Netherlands Facility

February 21, 2018
Data Center Interconnection Platform DCspine Opens PoP in’s New Netherlands Facility
Data center interconnection platform DCspine has opened a Point-of-Presence (PoP) in the Amsterdam, Netherlands facility of data center services provider DCspine, which has headquarters in Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands, is a “fully automated, state of the art, high capacity data center interconnection platform based on the latest software defined network developments” created by the Eurofiber Group (Eurofiber) – an international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure, also with headquarters in Utrecht.

DCspine provides a virtual “Meet Me Room” (MMR) for connected data centers, simplifying cross connection between facilities “as if it were within a single datacenter”. DCspine’s new PoP enables customers to easily establish up to 100G connections with data centers “in the Amsterdam region and beyond”. is noted for paying $500,000 for its domain name. The company has made investments in data center infrastructure that is capable of meeting increasing requirements for “energy efficient, highly interconnected and modular colocation facilities” where businesses and other organizations host critical IT infrastructure and address their cloud computing requirements. DCspine’s PoP facilitates Disaster Recovery (DR) data center locations for’s customers.

“Eurofiber has developed the DCspine interconnection platform to capitalize on the need for highly flexible data center connectivity required by cloud service providers,” explained Eurofiber’s CTO, Bart Oskam. “We applaud for entering our growing partner ecosystem of interconnected data centers via software defined networking. We expect cloud services providers present in AMS1 to appreciate our investments in the DCspine interconnection platform.”
“DCspine is a highly innovative interconnection platform that fully meets our expectations when it comes to establishing flexible and scalable data center and networking infrastructure,” added’s CEO Jochem Steman. “Also, DCspine’s flexible contract terms make this interconnection platform a seamless extension to our own on-demand colocation capabilities, as is uniquely offering Start Direct Cabinets – a pay-as-you-go colocation offering with month-to-month contract terms. Infrastructural and contractual flexibility will help cloud service providers achieve true elasticity within the colocation environment.”

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