Data Lifecycle Management Solution Provider Congruity360 Simplifies Hybrid Cloud Strategy with DMaaS Offering

February 23, 2018
Data Lifecycle Management Solution Provider Congruity360 Simplifies Hybrid Cloud Strategy with DMaaS Offering
Data lifecycle management solution provider Congruity360 is simplifying hybrid cloud strategy with a new “hybrid and multi-cloud” Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS) offering. Congruity360, which has headquarters in Fall River, Massachusetts, United States, was only established in 2017. The company specializes in enterprise data management, but also offers a wide range of services including data center services, colocation, reseller solutions, data migration options, and IaaS and PaaS solutions. Its latest offering builds on its acquisition of hybrid-cloud consulting and vendor-sourcing services company NextGen Storage LLC (NextGen Storage) in 2017.

Since the acquisition of NextGen Storage, Congruity360 is better placed to provide innovation in the area of distributed data management. The company is focused in helping IT professionals “accelerate initiatives” by “simplifying customers' complex cloud strategies” to make hybrid cloud solutions more “accessible and affordable”. Its solutions integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure public cloud storage provider and on-premises and data center storage. Congruity360’s on-demand storage solutions provide a pricing model that makes cloud solutions more financially accessible. Customers also benefit from the company’s team of OEM-certified engineers with storage expertise that covers hardware and managed services.

"We offer a service that consolidates every type of data management tool into a single enterprise-grade solution, managed from one transparent, integrated platform," explained John Downey, Chief Technology Officer at Congruity360. "The result is dramatically simplified data management and reduced risk. Congruity360 is the only enterprise-grade service on the market that seamlessly blends legacy systems with modern cloud technology."

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