Digital Intelligence Company New Relic Announces New Digital Intelligence Platform Services and Features

September 14, 2017
Digital Intelligence Company New Relic Announces New Digital Intelligence Platform Services and Features
Digital intelligence company New Relic, Inc. (New Relic) has announced new services and features for its digital intelligence platform. New Relic, which has headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States, was established in 2008. The company caters to around 14,000 business customers providing services that offer full-stack visibility and analytics. Its ‘New Relic Digital Intelligence Platform’ offers “actionable insights to drive digital business results”. The platform’s new services and features are known as ‘New Relic Applied Intelligence’ (NRAI).

New Relic’s platform enables users to monitor data and find a range of issues more effectively. The platform is even able to anticipate some issues before they occur. The new NRAI features include Radar, NRQL Baseline Alerting, and New Relic APM Error Profiles. These features help “engineering and operations teams intelligently spot abnormal behavior across billions of pieces of data” and determine where issues might happen.

Previewed in 2016, NRAI and Radar are offered on an Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model and leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ‘Machine Learning’ to establish intelligent capabilities on the company’s platform. The system manages “trillions of event data” which it processes from customers’ critical systems to enable teams to gain insight from software and infrastructure data and understand their ecosystem.

"New Relic's platform helps our customers answer questions about the performance of their applications and infrastructure so that they can move faster,” explained New Relic’s Founder and CEO, Lew Cirne. “As our customers' environments become increasingly complex, answers become harder and harder to find. That's why we're adding intelligence across our platform, to proactively tell our customers where they should pay attention, help them prevent problems, and help them fix issues faster when they do happen."

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