Enterprise Cloud Platform Provider Nutanix to Acquire Botmetric Maker Minjar

March 5, 2018
Enterprise Cloud Platform Provider Nutanix to Acquire Botmetric Maker Minjar
Enterprise cloud platform provider Nutanix is to acquire Botmetric maker Minjar Cloud Solutions Pvt Ltd (Nutanix). Nutanix, which has headquarters in San Jose, California, United States, was established in 2009. The company has a market cap that stands at over $6 billion and it specializes in a number of areas including virtualization, private cloud, server virtualization, ‘Big Data’, hybrid cloud and data center infrastructure services. Nutanix prides itself on making “infrastructure invisible” and enabling customers to “focus on the applications and services that power their business”. The company will absorb the bulk of Minjar's 85 team members.

Minjar, which has headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India (also called Bangalore), was established in 2012. The company provides cloud optimization and intelligent operations that enable businesses to leverage the benefits of the cloud. Around 80% of its customers are located in the United States and in 2016 it generated $2 million in revenue. A premier Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, the company is also a “100% certified APN partner” and the maker of Botmetric - a service designed to make public cloud usage “more efficient and cost-effective”. Alongside Minjar's other cloud solutions (such as SmartAssist Assurance and SmartAssist Managed Cloud) Botmetric will enable Nutanix’s customers to “embrace the cloud effectively and optimize their multi-cloud environments for performance and cost”.

Rayapati, CEO of Minjar suggested the acquisition would "add our technology to the leading edge Nutanix software stack so customers have a simple and elegant experience for managing their multi-cloud environments." Nutanix’s Chief Product and Development Officer, Sunil Potti added "Minjar's customer focus and philosophy of one-click simplicity is extremely well aligned with our own."

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