Hosting Services Provider Psychz Launches New Data Centers in Europe

March 28, 2017
Hosting Services Provider Psychz Launches New Data Centers in Europe
Hosting services provider Psychz has launched new data centers in Europe. Psychz, which was established in 2001, specializes in dedicated servers, colocation, and DDoS mitigation. The company operates data centers in Los Angeles, California, Dallas, Texas, and in Ashburn, Virginia in the United States. Its latest centers are located in London, United Kingdom and Amsterdam, Netherlands.

With a quality network and quality support, Psychz has gained a good reputation for its United States-based colocation services. It now brings its cost-effective services to Europe and the company expects its colocation services “to be equally as popular and successful in Europe”. The new centers operate with carriers Telia and GTT/TiNet and “feature over 100 Gbps capacity per location” to offer the company’s European clients low latency remote DDoS protection. Each location offers protected dedicated servers with “500-plus of Gbps mitigation capacity”.

Psychz’ European colocation services include a single server option which can house a 1U/2U/4U sized server. Alternatively Half, Quarter or Full-rack colocation options are available. Plans also offer managed colocation, VRRP, BGP session, GRE Tunnel, and free Anycast with globally deployed DNS.

"Clients can save bandwidth and utilize a secure communication between servers with the private network", explained a Psychz representative in the company’s press release. "When a visitor comes to your website, they will be sent to the server that geographically closest to them."

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