Indian Web Host and Data Center Services Provider Web Werks Announces HA Cloud Storage Solution Launch

November 28, 2017
Indian Web Host and Data Center Services Provider Web Werks Announces HA Cloud Storage Solution Launch
Indian web host and data center services provider Web Werks India PVT Ltd. (Web Werks) has announced the launch of a new ‘High Availability’ (HA) cloud storage solution. With headquarters in Mumbai, India, Web Werks is an award-winning ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 and ISO 20000-1-compliant provider of cloud, dedicated server, Virtual Private Server (VPS) and colocation services. The company makes its options available through 5 Tier III and Tier IV data centers located both in the United States and in India. It is also an ICANN-registered domain name provider. Web Werks’ latest offering provides “instant scale and resource optimization” to reduce costs.

Web Werks’ managed HA cloud storage solution is geared to meet the demands of organizations that need to back up increasingly larger amounts of mission-critical data as a means of responding to blackouts and other issues. Organizations often spread data across a range of underutilized storage infrastructures including detached, self-managed data centers or “reserve hosting providers”. Web Werks’ coordinated cloud-based storage provides a valid and more cost-effective alternative, offering the additional availability of Redundant Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) to ensure customers receive full “data storage and protection requirements”.

"Basic defeats like disk failures, instance failures, network failures and accessibility zone failures will definitely cause downtime and upset operations in the cloud,” explained Web Werks’ Assistant Vice President, Suhaib Logde. “With Web Werks' exceptionally accessible storage, the ceaseless operation is consistent. A redundant storage condition guarantees that on the off chance that one of the servers crashes, the workload is promptly coordinated to another server without requiring managerial mediation," he added.

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