Indian Web Hosting and Cloud Provider ZNetLive Announces SaaS Marketplace Software Platform Launch

September 21, 2017
Indian Web Hosting and Cloud Provider ZNetLive Announces SaaS Marketplace Software Platform Launch
Indian web hosting and cloud provider ZNetLive has announced the launch of a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Marketplace Software Platform. With head offices in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, ZNetLive was established in 2001. An ICANN accredited domain registrar, the company offers a wide range of hosting options stemming from cloud hosting to dedicated servers and VPS. The company has customers in 141 countries. Its new SaaS marketplace is “designed to create a powerful and innovative ecosystem for the customers and developers”.

ZNetLive’s SaaS Marketplace Software Platform will provide a portal that will allow developers to list their software and make money through integration with other systems and extensions. The platform will benefit buyers who will be able to easily access and purchase software from the SaaS platform’s ‘Software and Services’ category. Listings will be available at no cost and developers can feature their software on the platform “for a limited period of time, without paying anything”. Additionally, the platform offers user feedback that will enable developers to modify and improve their software based on feedback.

“Developers are technically skilled to develop apps, but when they are unable to see any market viability for their products, they shy away from working on innovative projects,” ZNetLive’s CEO, Munesh Jadoun. “Our platform is to help them innovate and earn handsomely for their efforts, while helping the cloud market and customers get innovative apps. This platform will provide customers with extensive range of existing and new cloud services under one roof. They will get a single login and a user portal to manage their past and current subscriptions”.

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