IT Services Provider Medha Hosting Promises Black Friday Discounts

November 3, 2017
IT Services Provider Medha Hosting Promises Black Friday Discounts
IT services provider Medha Hosting is promising discounts this upcoming 'Black Friday'. Medha Hosting, which has headquarters in New York, United States, was established in 2015. The company offers a range of services which it offers through "award-winning platforms in USA, Europe, and Asia". These services include a range of cloud hosting options alongside VPS servers, Microsoft server support, Linux server support, cPanel and application server management. Other services include Azure consulting, virtualization, AWS consulting, Office 365 migration, and Google Cloud options. Each of Medha Hosting's offerings are underpinned by guaranteed 100 percent uptime and an "unbeatable level of client service". The company also offers dedicated servers and it will be these options that are discounted on November 24, 2017.

Medha Hosting has a history of providing "powerful and cheap dedicated servers" that utilize enterprise grade hardware. Its dedicated server services are both secure and offer "unlimited" bandwidth. Options include SSD-based servers and SATA servers. Plans also benefit from 1 GBPS network speeds, DDoS protection, and full root access. Both Linux and Windows versions of solutions are available. Customers also benefit from the company's ongoing (24-hour) technical support.

“We already offer our dedicated servers service at the cheapest price," explained 'Michael' Medha Hosting's Marketing Manager. "In this Black Friday Sale, we are further cutting down the service price by a whopping 30%. We are sure that the resultant price will be unmatchable.”

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