MachSol Inc. Introduces Rapid Turn-Key Solution Program

January 29, 2009
January 29, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – MachSol Inc. has introduced a “rapid turn-key solution” program, it was reported recently. The company is developer of MachPanel, a hosted services delivery platform, and has established a solution that enables deployment of a “defined scope, fixed cost, turn-key solution of Microsoft based products” and “allows companies to quickly enter into SaaS Hosting business”. The solution includes installation of the solution at a customer premises, configuration, delegated administration control for provisioning and operations managements, knowledge transfer, and training.

According to the company, MachPanel covers hosting services that include shared hosting, Microsoft Exchange 2007, SharePoint Services, BlackBerry Enterprise Services, dedicated servers, VPS servers, domain names, and SSL certificates. Support for Microsoft CRM, OCS, and Hyper-V extensions is due second quarter 2009.

“The latest offering is another mile-stone achieved to provide easy and cutting-edge technology services to its valued customers," explained MachSol’s CTO and Vice President, Aziz Paracha. “We are committed to providing quality enterprise and traditional hosting business automation solutions and this latest move is the continuation of our vision to provide complete wide range full spectrum services under the flag of MachSol".

“I am very happy and proud that in short span of time MachSol Inc. has enabled itself to cater all business models and allows small hosting companies and large HSPs to kick start next generation hosting services,” added MachSol Inc. CEO, Max Roosenbrand. “With this latest development, MachSol Inc. established further footprints in hosting industry to provide reliable and affordable hosting automation and business operation services to wide variety of business needs.“
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