Managed Cloud Hosting Provider SiteColo Acquires Landing Page Solution MuchPages

September 30, 2017
Managed Cloud Hosting Provider SiteColo Acquires Landing Page Solution MuchPages
Managed cloud hosting provider SiteColo has acquired landing page solution MuchPages, LLC (MuchPages), becoming its largest shareholder with a 70% stake.

SiteColo, which has headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, United States, was only established in 2016. A division of Wadsworth Littleton, LLC, the company specializes in cloud-based web hosting services and also offers domain registration services. The company’s packages offer cPanel and free SSL certificates. SiteColo has enjoyed considerable growth recently, with revenue increases of over 240% since the last fiscal quarter. Its acquisition of MuchPages adds to its capabilities, including the addition of the MuchPages drag and drop page builder options.

The MuchPages solution caters for the single page websites market and enables users to create “high converting, beautiful” landing pages and micro websites. Its simplicity means that people with no coding knowledge or skills can manage the production of sites for promotions, campaigns, and paid advertising.

“We’re excited to be able to provide our customers this new service,” explained Wadsworth Littleton’s President, Jason Jersey. “Our infrastructure will only enhance the current overall customer experience.”

“I am looking forward to working alongside the SiteColo team,” added MuchPages’ Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Gelwick. “With these additional resources, MuchPages will be able to fulfil its potential, and provide our customers the best possible experience.”

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