Managed IT Services Company FNTS Adds Features to Enhance Security Services

February 16, 2017
Managed IT Services Company FNTS Adds Features to Enhance Security Services
Managed IT services company First National Technology Solutions (FNTS) has added additional features to enhance its security services. A “recognized leader in the managed IT services industry”, FNTS was established in 1996 and has headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The company offers a range of enterprise hosted and remote managed services, including cloud solutions for Windows, i/OS, z/OS, AIX and Linux operating systems. The features FNTS has added are its Web Protection Suite (WPS) and Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB).

The Web Protection Suite (WPS) secures internet traffic by monitoring constantly to isolate and address threats. Using FNTS-defined policies that identify malware, ransomware and other threats, it mitigates issues “traditional proxy solutions don’t catch”. The solution also offers optional “SSL/TLS decryption, malware analysis and advanced sandboxing” for potentially hazardous threats. The solution also provides monthly reports on security events.

The Cloud Application Security Broker (CASB) solution is deployed in the cloud to protect cloud applications and services. It offers a cloud security technologies that also protect SaaS and IaaS services. The solution does not require user oversight and provides detailed cloud app ratings and usage analytics. It provides continuous reports that alert users to malicious activity such as “data exfiltration due to account takeover, session hijacking, or insider activity”.

“As cyber threats continue to increase significantly in both complexity and frequency, there can be no compromise when it comes to security,” explained the Senior Director of Information Security,Robert LaMagna-Reiter. “At FNTS, we’re committed to staying on the cutting edge of cybersecurity technology to identify and mitigate even the most advanced threats facing our customers.” He added, “With customized solutions, businesses can ensure right-fit solutions based on their specific risk posture. Cyber criminals don’t work in a box, so security offerings shouldn’t come out of one, either.”

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