Monetized Video Service Provider Brightcove Signs Up LADbible Group as a Customer

February 26, 2018
Monetized Video Service Provider Brightcove Signs Up LADbible Group as a Customer
Monetized video service provider Brightcove Inc. (Brightcove) has signed up the LADbible Group (LADbible) as a customer. Brightcove, which has headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts, United States, was established in 2004. With a global base of 5,500 customers the company offers powerful cloud-based solutions that deliver and monetize video “across every connected device”. Its products and services “reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing multi-screen video”. By utilizing Brightcove’s services LADbible will significantly enhance the flexibility of delivering its video content.

LADbible is an entertainment company based in Manchester in the northwest of the United Kingdom. The company specializes in content that appeals to millennials, of which it counts half of the UK’s as it audience. It recognized as being “one of the most watched online media properties in December 2017”. Brightcove will deliver a number of LADbible’s video brands, including SPORTbible and Pretty52. The company has previously utilized Facebook Instant Articles, but because it depends on an advertising model that requires monetizing video, Brightcove provided a viable alternative.

“LADbible has experienced massive growth since it launched in 2012, with significant success directly tied to our approach to video content,” explained LADbible Group’s co-founder, Arian Kalantari. “Our audience has grown up on video and relies on it for news and entertainment. The Brightcove platform has the scale we need as we grow our business and deliver the best video content to our audiences.”

“LADbible has built a digital publishing empire because it is laser focused on its audience - and it understands how fundamental video is to that audience,” added Brightcove’s Senior Vice President, International, Mark Blair. “Brightcove has a long and storied history of working with the biggest publishers around the world on their video strategy. We’re excited to be working with a digital innovator and look forward to supporting them on their video journey.”

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