Networking Solutions Provider Apstra Announces that Yahoo Japan Selected and Deployed AOS in Clos Data Center Network

March 14, 2018
Networking Solutions Provider Apstra Announces that Yahoo Japan Selected and Deployed AOS in Clos Data Center Network
Networking solutions provider Apstra has announced that Yahoo Japan Corporation (Yahoo Japan) selected and deployed the Apstra Operating System (AOS) in its Clos data center network. Apstra, which was established in 2014, has global headquarters in Menlo Park, California, United States. AOS is what the company calls “an Intent-based networking system” that was established to facilitate the “self-operating network” - a self-configuring network that “fixes itself and defends itself”. According to Apstra the deployment took place in November 2017.

The deployment will enable Yahoo Japan to simplify and automate data center network operations. The corporation required a new data center network infrastructure to support its ‘Big Data’ requirements and network traffic growth. AOS was chosen after an evaluation of a number of options, which included “proprietary offerings from large established vendors” and options for company to embrace Do-it-Yourself (DIY) approaches. The deployment helped Yahoo Japan avoid prohibitive cost and the investment in time required for it to deploy its own solution. It is the “first commercial automation software ever deployed in the company’s network”.

Yahoo Japan Corporation’s key requirements for a solution were the capability to operate the Clos network that supports their Hadoop clusters with “limited human resources”, and to be able to deploy and replicate cross-platform telemetry services quickly. Yahoo Japan Corporation have reported a number of benefits after AOS was deployed including a faster MTTR and a reduction in design time.

“After extensive research Yahoo Japan Corporation chose the strategy and best practices of a large hyperscale company that had adopted a Clos fabric network to flexibly scale out their networking equipment to support our Hadoop infrastructure,” explained Yahoo Japan Corporation’s Senior Manager, Site Operations Division, System Management Group, Kenya Murakoshi. “Apstra streamlines Yahoo Japan Corporation’s network design, build and operations processes by abstracting the network configuration with a concept of intent, which was a new concept to us, but the benefits were clear. Apstra Intent-Based Analytics allow us to specify how we want our network to operate. We tell AOS what we want to happen vs. doing it ourselves. Apstra’s telemetry then provides deep insight into the state of our network and alerts us if there are risks like cabling or traffic imbalance issues that need to be addressed. Deployment of AOS at Yahoo Japan Corporation went smoothly without major issues.”

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