Pre-Paid Legal Services for Web Hosting Providers and Internet Companies

January 16, 2007
January 16, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A Los Angeles law office has started offering pre-paid legal services for web hosting providers and Internet companies, it was announced recently. In association with InternetLitigators (http//, Chapman, Glucksman and Dean apc has developed a plan that “provides InternetLitigators members access to one of the nation’s (USA’s) leading business law firms in the area of Internet and web hosting”.

“This plan covers the real world legal issues faced by most web hosting companies on a day to day basis,” said Jeffrey Cohen of InternetLitigators. The plan includes consultations, letter writing, and litigation. According to the company, “typical uses are expected to be terms of service and privacy policy review, DMCA complaint response, national security letter and subpoena responses, as well as trademark, copyright and corporate issues.”

“This is a fully legitimate guaranteed arrangement for 5 hours of pre-paid legal services directly with a California law firm that practices Internet law, business law, and employment law at an extremely favorable hourly rate,” added Mr. Cohen. “This places our members in a position where they have unique and affordable access to the advice that they need immediately when issues arise.”
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