Private Colud Solutions Provider Datanet and IT and Infrastructure Services Provider Axians Form Partnership

October 1, 2017
Private Colud Solutions Provider Datanet and IT and Infrastructure Services Provider Axians Form Partnership
Web host Datanet and IT and infrastructure services provider Axians have formed a partnership. Datanet, which has headquarters in Fleet, Hampshire, United Kingdom, was established in 1996. The company specializes in hosting and connectivity solutions and has won numerous industry awards. It has data center facilities across the United Kingdom from which it offers a range of services, including hosting and virtual hosting, VMware and co-location services. It also offers backup and recovery options. Axians was previously a Datanet customer.

Axians, which has headquarters in Puteaux, France, caters to the private and public sectors providing infrastructures and digital solutions development services. Its offerings extend to data analytics, enterprise networks and digital workspaces, and data center, cloud and cybersecurity services. The partnership will see Axians manage all network services for Datanet.

The two companies previously enjoyed a three relationship, with Axians’ server racks being located at Datanet’s data center. Datanet has called on Axians to create a “bespoke managed services solution” designed to help it monitor, manage and mitigate a range of cyber threats. In addition, Datanet will leverage Axians' network security expertise to “offer a secure and high performing service” to their customers.

"Axians doesn't just offer us peace of mind when it comes to cyber threats; the relationship provides for an additional layer of technical and security services we can offer our customers," explained Datanet’s Managing Director, Conleth McCallan. "We had a really strong relationship with Axians before we partnered with them to manage our network security and performance, so while this might be an unusual 'customer-turned-supplier' partnership, we know that the team at Axians share our common objective to provide an excellent and secure service to our customers."

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