Recent Study Indicates Enterprises Benefit from WordPress as a CMS Solution

December 8, 2017
Recent Study Indicates Enterprises Benefit from WordPress as a CMS Solution
A recent study has indicated that enterprises in the United States and the United Kingdom benefit from WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) solution. WordPress, which is managed by San Francisco, California-based Automattic, is by far the Internet’s most used CMS solution. It began life as a tool for bloggers, but has blossomed into a solution that can manage complex enterprise-level sites. WordPress currently underpins around 25% of all sites. Carried out by Newbury, Berkshire, United Kingdom-based, Vanson Bourne, the study was commissioned by Austin, Texas-based WordPress hosting specialist WP Engine and Manifesto – a “multi-award winning agency of creatives and technologists who collaborate with exceptional organizations to change things for the better”.

Entitled “WordPress Success Among Enterprise CMSs”, the study considered “over 300 enterprise-level IT and marketing decision makers in the U.S. and U.K.” It looked at the benefits organizations experience when using multiple CMSs. The results suggested WordPress “is on par with Adobe Experience Manager as the most frequently used CMS in either a primary or secondary fashion”. Additionally, it was also “the leading secondary CMS”. Those that used WordPress either as a primary or secondary CMS suggested the benefits of the solution included “scalability, a robust ecosystem, quicker time to market and better analytics and security to the increasing availability of skilled WordPress developers”.

“Enterprise companies are seeing the intrinsic benefits of using multiple CMSs to help run their business,” explained WP Engine’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Ellen Dugan. “The decision to go with more than one CMS is most often made at the executive level, proving the strategic value that multiple CMS deliver to an enterprise. The results showed that WordPress is already a top platform with clear benefits from both an integration and agility standpoint. In the future, the study shows WordPress expanding its market share to provide exceptional digital experiences with greater agility, with greater ease of use and faster time to market.”

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