Righteous Software Shifts Brands

January 26, 2007
January 26, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Righteous Software (http://www.r1soft.com), whose products are utilized by web hosting providers and company’s using Linux servers, will begin marketing its backup server products under the Continuous Data Protection (CDP) Server brand, the company announced today. The company’s products are currently marketed under the Righteous Software header.

According to the company, the branding shift will be “unveiled in phases throughout the coming months”. The company plans to launch a new version of its website under the CDP name, and in February will release its Continuous Data Protection support for Windows servers solution.

“As a relatively new technology, Continuous Data Protection represents a market that is emerging and rapidly making its way to the Information Technology mainstream,” explained Founder and CEO of Righteous Software, Mr David Wartell. “It is important that Righteous Software positions itself to remain a highly competitive and leading solutions provider in the coming months and years.”

Righteous Software’s CDP offering differs from other backup technologies. Rather than copying files from hard disks to mediums such as a tape drive, Righteous Software’s CDP Server continually monitors changes to a disk. This monitoring reduces backup periods to only a few seconds or minutes.

“The difference between our backup solutions and traditional methods is quite significant,” explained Mr. Wartell. “With Righteous CDP Server, our clients can create in excess of one-hundred recovery points per day—and in a disaster situation, this can result in only minutes of lost data, as opposed to days or even weeks. For many corporations, this literally represents savings in the millions of dollars”.
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