Shoppers Check Internet Suggests ShopLocal Survey

January 8, 2007
January 8, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A survey conducted by comparison shopping website ShopLocal ( has suggested 95% of shoppers in the US check for online deals alongside traditional shopping. The company surveyed 37,500 people and results indicate a strong preference amongst shoppers to use the internet for research of prices and special deals.

The survey, which involved 32 retailers selling consumer electronics, food and beverage items, health and beauty items, home and garden items, and mass merchant and office supplies, also suggested that consumers who visit retail websites are more likely to utilize local stores. 69% of those surveyed said they bought from a store once they had found the information they required through Internet websites. 56% of those surveyed responded to advertising to look for discounted items, but only 27% made an online purchase after viewing Internet advertising.

''The power of the Internet has improved the quality and quantity of today's shopping experience, both for online purchasing and local in-store shopping. Online purchasing offers convenience but lacks the social aspects of in-store shopping, such as seeing, feeling and holding items and it offers the greatest satisfaction of walking away with something right away and having it in-hand,'' suggested ShopLocal’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bob Armour.

''The conclusion to draw is that the Internet in general is becoming a mainstream source of information for consumers, and specifically, the online circular is becoming a must-have resource for shoppers and retailers. The more frequently shoppers use these circulars the more likely they are to visit a store in the near future,'' added Mr. Amour.
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