Software Company Cloudficient Harnesses AI to Manage Office 365

October 2, 2017
Software Company Cloudficient Harnesses AI to Manage Office 365
Software company Cloudficient Software AG (Cloudficient) is harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to manage Microsoft’s Office 365 solution. Established only this year, and with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland, Cloudficient focuses on enabling SMEs and enterprises worldwide to “become smarter and more efficient businesses”. To do this, the company specializes in “improving the end-to-end management of Office 365”.

Cloudficient’s services lower costs for customers by increasing efficiency and detecting anomalies that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. Cloudficient manages administration, monitoring, and reporting for Office 365, pulling together the vast amount of event and audit data the solution generates on an ongoing basis. Cloudficient makes this data relevant and accessible, providing a “unified method of data interpretation”. It also addresses a number of key Office 365 management issues across hybrid and cloud deployments. Alongside reporting, these include onboarding and migration, and management of auditing and compliance requirements.

“Previous approaches to O365 management have been very reactive and have involved manual assimilation of data across multiple sources and user interfaces,” explained Cloudficient’s CEO, Peter Kozak. “Our next generation solution operates across previously siloed components and makes use of the latest Artificial Intelligence and Anomaly Detection techniques to allow dynamic management in a much more pro-active manner”.

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