Software Development Company Uniface Announces Support for Cloud Deployment

August 30, 2017
Software Development Company Uniface Announces Support for Cloud Deployment
Software development company Uniface has announced the launch of support for cloud deployment. Uniface, which has headquarters in Amsterdam, Netherlands (alongside offices in Detroit, Michigan, United States) was established in 1984. The company bills itself as “the leading provider of model-driven, low-code application development and deployment software for enterprises, software integrators and ISVs”.

Uniface can be used ‘on-premise’ or in a private cloud, and it “fits seamlessly into any IT or database infrastructure”. The solution has been tested and verified to support deployment on major cloud platforms. By launching support for cloud deployment, Uniface’s customers benefit from being able to “deploy, redeploy and maintain apps either entirely in the cloud or with a hybrid cloud approach”. The secure solution also offers a flexible approach to managing an organization’s hardware needs, allowing design changes in the cloud to be “straightforward and easy”.

“Cloud accessibility is a modern-day business need,” explained Uniface’s Vice President of Product Strategy, Adrian Gosbell. “Providing Uniface customers with cloud functionality that has been fully tested and verified for deployment on the Amazon and Microsoft platforms is just the beginning for Uniface’s exciting roadmap for the cloud.”

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