STIG and Policy Remediation Solutions Provider SteelCloud Enhances ConfigOS

October 21, 2017
STIG and Policy Remediation Solutions Provider SteelCloud Enhances ConfigOS
STIG and policy remediation solutions provider SteelCloud LLC (SteelCloud) has announced that it has enhanced ConfigOS, its patented STIG remediation software. SteelCloud, which has headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, United States, caters to the Department of Defense and other government customers in the United States. It also extends services to the "systems integrators, consultants, and software companies" that support the government organizations it deals with. By enhancing ConfigOS it is now able to support the recently released Ubuntu, SUSE, and Oracle Linux STIGs.

ConfigOS can be implemented in a range of classified and unclassified environments including "tactical programs, disconnected labs, and the AWS commercial cloud". The solution offers automated remediation, scanning endpoint systems and remediating "hundreds of STIG controls in under 90 seconds". It also offers STIG Viewer XCCDF output and robust compliance reporting options.

ConfigOS was also designed to "harden every CAT 1/2/3 STIG control around an application baseline in 60 minutes - typically eliminating weeks or months from the RMF accreditation timeline". Alongside commercial versions of Linux, ConfigOS manages CentOS and Microsoft solutions (such as Office 2016) and a number of Windows applications. The newly supported platform enhances ConfigOS' Red Hat Linux automated STIG remediation capabilities.

"ConfigOS now has automated STIG support for every version of Linux that has a published DISA STIG," said explained the CEO and President of SteelCloud, Brian Hajost. "Our customers depend on us to keep them current by supporting the newest STIGs. It is all about choice and we want to make sure that we give our customers the ability to efficiently deploy and support the compliant platforms most appropriate for their missions. ConfigOS is very compelling in that a single instance of the software automates STIG remediation across all versions of Linux and Windows in a single pass."

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