Survey Suggests UK Businesses Don’t Understand Cloud Hosting

January 30, 2009
January 30, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – A recent survey conducted by Rackspace suggests that UK businesses don’t really understand Cloud hosting, a number of reports have suggested. The survey indicated that 57% of those asked were not able to define Cloud hosting properly, while 27% did not know how to utilize Cloud hosting as part of their IT strategy. 31% thought Cloud hosting to mean accessing applications via the Internet while 14% understood it as "virtualization" and 8% thought of it as being "online storage". Over a third said they were considering using Cloud hosting.

“Cloud technology is ideal for the current economic climate, but it is vital that businesses understand how it can best serve their organization,” suggested Rackspace Hosting’s Chief Strategy Officer, Lew Moorman was reported as saying. “At Rackspace we want to provide clearer guidelines on how businesses can get the most out of this technology as a matter of urgency. That is why we are launching a new cloud clinic website”. He added, “Cloud is going to be the hot business topic for 2009 and it is not just IT folk who will need to understand the benefits it brings, but people across the business.”

Established in 2001, Rackspace Hosting bills itself as “the World's leader in hosting”. The company provides a range of services, catering for websites and internet applications, and providing email servers, security and storage services “for over 4,000 customers”.
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