Sustainable Data Center Services Provider EvoSwitch Meets Major Milestone

November 15, 2017
Sustainable Data Center Services Provider EvoSwitch Meets Major Milestone
Sustainable data center services provider EvoSwitch has met a major milestone with 10 continuous years in operation. Part of the Ocom Group and based in in Amsterdam, Netherlands, award-winning EvoSwitch offers a range of ‘carbon-neutral’ ISO 27001:2013, ISO 14001:2004, PCI-DSS, SIOC1 Type II, and LEED Gold-compliant data center services. These include cloud and hybrid-cloud managed services and colocation offerings. The company prides itself on using “100% renewable energy” to power services which are offered through data centers in the United States and Europe. To recognize its milestone EvoSwitch is undergoing corporate rebranding.

This is the first occasion in the company’s 10 year history that it has been involved in rebranding. The activity will see the introduction of a new ‘corporate identity’ that better represents its shift to a company with a “complete set of value added managed services”. It will also feature a website redesign by Dutch agency Studio Piraat that develops an existing knowledge platform that covers the company’s services to include videos and blogs.

“The use of renewable energy and a low PUE figure are nowadays not as uncommon as ten years ago, although today having the best PUE in the colocation market is still highly impressive I must say – especially for the large facilities owned and operated by EvoSwitch,” explained EvoSwitch’s CEO Eric Boonstra. “Energy-efficiency still plays a critical role in our day-to-day data center operations, but in recent years we’ve taken our colocation services to the next level by adding all kinds of managed services and enterprise-grade value.”

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