Swedish Web Host Loopia Victim of Cyberattack

August 30, 2017
Swedish Web Host Loopia Victim of Cyberattack
Swedish web host Loopia AB (Loopia) has been the victim of a cyberattack that enabled hackers to gain access to some of its customers’ information. Loopia, which has headquarters in Västerås in central Sweden, was established in 1999. The company is one of the country’s largest hosting providers, and alongside standard web hosting, its services include domain name registration, Office 365 services, ecommerce solutions and WordPress hosting. The breach impacted around 100,000 of Loopia’s customers.

Loopia has initiated a number of measures to enhance security while it tries to establish whether flaws in their system enabled hackers to enter their network. Hackers were able to access customer databases which included personal information provided when a customer signs up for services. While contact details were accessible, passwords remained encrypted. Despite this the company changed customer passwords as a precautionary measure. Loopia has assured customers payment and credit card information is safe and that their sites and email services will not be impacted.

“The violation has not affected your services such as email, web pages, databases or passwords to your email at Loopia,” explained a Swedish-language message on the company’s website. “We also want to emphasize that payment card information is not saved in Loopia’s environment and is thus not affected by the infringement. In accordance with Loopia’s policy, the violation has been reported to the police.”

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