Visual Search and Data Exploration Platform Zegami Announces Cloud Platform Launch

November 27, 2017
Visual Search and Data Exploration Platform Zegami Announces Cloud Platform Launch
Visual search and data exploration platform Zegami has announced the launch of a cloud platform which is currently in ‘Beta’. Zegami, which has headquarters in Oxford, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, was establishing in 2016. With offerings that “combine images and data into a “simple yet intuitive UI”, the company is a spin-out of Oxford University – one of the United Kingdom’s most prodigious universities – and “an Adelaide based consultancy firm”. The beta trial of Zegami’s new cloud will be by invitation only.

Zegami offers “a brand-new way to search and explore datasets”. It attaches images to data to leverage human pattern recognition and enable customers to understand “all their information at once” and quickly analyze it to identify relevant details. By moving its offerings to the cloud Zegami increases their capability and makes it easier for users to “upload and analyze their data”.

“To date we’ve seen our platform used in scientific research and industry,” explained Zegami’s CEO, Samuel Conway. “By making it available on the cloud, we’re now allowing everyone to put their data in Zegami and take advantage of our technology.” “While we’ve seen our ability to collect and store data grow exponentially,” added the company’s CTO, Roger Noble, “the final step of communicating information to people has remained rudimentary,” said. “On the whole, we’re still stuck with looking at data in tables and charts or scrolling through pages of information.

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