Web Host and Domain Name Provider Go Daddy to Broadcast Internet-Only Version of Super Bowl Commercial

January 28, 2009
January 28, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host and domain name provider Go Daddy will broadcast an Internet-only version of its Super Bowl commercial, the company announced recently. According to Go Daddy, the Internet version will be “too hot for TV" and be available online when the game begins on television. The Internet commercial will be an “extended version with more risqué content”, the company suggests.

"Viewers have come to expect our edgy Internet-Only versions on Super Bowl Sunday and this year's online video really pushes the envelope," explained Bob Parsons, CEO and Founder of Go Daddy. "In fact, the extended version of 'Baseball' almost makes me blush."

Two TV versions of Go Daddy's Super Bowl commercial ("Baseball" and “Shower”) have been approved and the company is yet to make a choice regarding which one will be aired. Viewings of both are available through the company’s corporate website. The public was asked to vote at the Go Daddy website to help decide which one would be broadcast. Both feature IndyCar driver Danica Patrick. "The twist in our Internet-Only version of 'Shower' is hilarious," added Parsons. "And it just might make some of our critics change their minds about our ads being sexist!

During the last Super Bowl, 1.5 million visitors logged on to see Go Daddy’s "Exposure" commercial before the game ended. "Revealing our approved broadcast ads was fun, but the real excitement will be on our Web site Super Bowl Sunday - our 'Internet-Only' version is classic!" added Mr. Parsons.
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