Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Integrates Website Builder with Google My Business

February 14, 2018
Web Host and Domain Name Provider GoDaddy Integrates Website Builder with Google My Business
Web host and domain name provider GoDaddy has announced it has integrated its website builder offering with ‘Google My Business’. Established in 1997 and with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States, GoDaddy has a global presence and has positioned itself as the leading provider of hosting and related services to small and medium-sized enterprises. Its offerings include everything a company needs to establish a successful internet presence, from domain name registration services and SSL certificates, to hosting and ‘GoDaddy GoCentral’ - a web builder service that allows companies to build websites without the need of a developer. It is this service which has been integrated with Google My Business.

Google My Business allows businesses to add free business listings to the Google search engine. The aim of the service is to increase companies’ visibility through features like Google Maps and Google Search in local communities. This gives businesses greater access to customers in the areas they operate. Businesses can set up free websites that contain text, photos, and provide information about their products and services. Through the integration GoDaddy’s ‘GoCentral’ customers can now “simultaneously create professional websites and Google My Business listings to drive online and offline traffic”.

GoDaddy conducted a ‘beta program’ before finalizing the integration, and during this three-month period 1,538 businesses leveraged GoCentral to add listings to Google My Business. The listings were viewed “over 1 million times and resulted in participating small businesses receiving over 7,000 phone calls and more than 17,000 clicks to their website”. In addition, 11,000 requests for directions to premises were received.

"Business owners want to reach more customers, and we're always thinking about new ways to help them find and connect with those customers," explained Nissim Lehyani, Director of Product at GoDaddy. "GoCentral's new integration with Google makes it simple for entrepreneurs to check an item off their list when starting a business, enabling them to enhance their online presence and find success online."

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