Web Host and Domain Provider GoDaddy Announces Managed WordPress Options

October 19, 2017
Web Host and Domain Provider GoDaddy Announces Managed WordPress Options
Web host and domain provider GoDaddy has announced the launch of new managed WordPress options. GoDaddy, which was established in 1997, has headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. A globally recognized brand, the company specializes in offering SMEs and other organizations the tools they need for a viable and cost-effective web presence. GoDaddy's tools enable companies to design and create websites without the need of specialist support. The launch of Pro Managed WordPress initiates "a new hosting platform designed specifically for WordPress web professionals".

WordPress is an Open Source Content Management System (CMS) that allows individuals and companies to develop websites - from the simplest blog to the most complex of corporate sites. A free software solution, WordPress is so popular it has been used to develop around 30% of the sites currently on the Internet. GoDaddy has a long history supporting the solution, introducing WordPress hosting product over three years ago. At present the company caters for four million WordPress sites worldwide.

A "complete solution for WordPress professionals", GoDaddy's Pro Managed WordPress options are designed to manage multiple clients and websites and offer "high-performance and highly-reliable hosting, with end-to-end security". Plans include 'Pro Advanced Care', a customer support service that provides round-the-clock support for WordPress issues. The options provide a secure containerized hosting architecture that is designed to make WordPress sites load quickly. The options offer Sucuri PHP7, HTTP/2, CDN image caching and as sites are in a containerized environment, they have their own scalable dedicated resources for "optimum speed". Offering a true 99.9% uptime guarantee, plans also offer free SSL certificates which are automatically installed on every domain. A range of plans are available from 'Pro – 1' at $11.99 per month for 1 site to 'Pro – 50'at $249.99 per month for 50 sites.

“Web pros tell us that the most frustrating and time consuming part of their job is the administrative work, and that they struggle to juggle all of their clients’ websites,” explained GoDaddy's Product Manager of WordPress, Gabe Mays. “Pro Managed WordPress streamlines client site maintenance and allows these developers and designers to build and manage safe and reliable sites for their clients, all through one central solution.”

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