Web Host Dreamscape Networks Acquires Enetica Group

October 24, 2017
Web Host Dreamscape Networks Acquires Enetica Group
Web host Dreamscape Networks Ltd. (Dreamscape Networks) has acquired the Enetica Group. Dreamscape Networks, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), has headquarters in Dubai Internet City, Dubai. Established in 2013, the company provides a broad range of hosting and related services including cloud hosting and domain name registration. It also offers digital branding and online marketing services.

The Enetica Group has headquarters in Sydney, Australia and is an umbrella for a number of brands which includes Enetica, Host1 and Web City. The group has around 15,000 customers globally. It is an accredited domain registrar offering the '.au' domain extension. Dreamscape Networks has reportedly bought the group for a sum of $4.45 million, and this is the company's third acquisition over the last year and a half.

“Bolting Enetica Group into Dreamscape Networks will allow us to harness the capability inherent in our previous two acquisitions, Net Logistics and Vodien," explained Mark Evans, the Chief Executive and Managing Director of Dreamscape Networks. "We will utilise the upgraded Net Logistics technology platforms, while improving customer service and marketing capabilities by harnessing the Vodien brand to bring increased value to current Web City customers."

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