Web Host Fat Jack Hosting Acquires Host My Proxies

January 14, 2008
January 14, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Fat Jack Hosting (http://www.fatjackhosting.com/) has acquired Host My Proxies, it was reported recently. The purchase will enable the company to “provide top-quality web hosting to proxy web sites”. Proxy servers service client requests by forwarding them to other servers and can be anonymous.

"We are thrilled to be able to welcome proxy web sites into our ever-expanding fold," explained Fat Jack Hosting spokesperson Nicole Silverstone. "We are constantly on the lookout for marketing methods that will gain us greater exposure. The acquisition of HostMyProxies.com grants us that exposure. We currently have never offered any proxy hosting, so the purchase of Host My Proxies will allow us to add this hosting niche to our lineup of products."

According to the company, Fat Jack Hosting considers caching technologies emerging technologies. With the acquisition of Host My Proxies, Fat Jack Hosting can handle sites with “weightier bandwidth requirements” to accommodate users requiring Rich Internet Applications.
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