Web Host Go Daddy Ahead in SSL Market

January 30, 2009
January 30, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web host Go Daddy is leading the SSL market having captured a significant percentage of the market share, it was reported recently. According to a company release, it “issued more new SSL certificates than any other provider” over the last 12 months, taking 47% of “all net-new SSL Certificates for 2008”.

Industry analyst Netcraft Ltd. has suggested 220,000 SSL certificates were added to websites during 2008, 100,000 of which were issued by Go Daddy. This means the company sold more SSL certificates than all its competitors combined.

According to Go Daddy, part of its success with SSL certificates is they offer “the same functionality and the same top-notch security” at “one-fourth the price”. "Why are we growing so fast?” explained Bob Parsons, Founder and CEO of Go Daddy. “We think people are much quicker to spot real value these days. Why would anyone pay more than four times the price for the very same thing?"

Another benefit of Go Daddy SSL certificates is licensing. Whereas many companies require one SLL certificate per server, Go Daddy certificates “include an unlimited server license, meaning one certificate can be used on multiple servers”. This offers companies significant cost savings.

Go Daddy provides a range of web hosting and domain name registration services, as well as related services such as SSL certificates, domains by proxy private registration, ecommerce website hosting, blog templates and blog software, podcast packages and online photo hosting. The company manages more than 33 million domain names.
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