Web Hosting Directory HostSearch.com Celebrates 10 Years at the Top

January 26, 2007
HostSearch.com is celebrating 10 years as the Internet’s leading web hosting directory it was announced this week.

“As you can imagine, we are very happy to reach this milestone,” explained CEO and Founder of HostSearch.com, Mr. Charnchon Lavitrangsima. “We were very fortunate to recognize a niche emerging as web hosting began to take shape. We launched HostSearch.com when the industry was still in its infancy and as it matured a number of websites emerged that were similar in nature to HostSearch. Despite this, we have managed to maintain our position as the Internet’s leading directory”.

HostSearch.com was one of the first web hosting sites to offer a searchable database with details about web hosting providers and their products and services. The current database represents the largest resource of information about web hosts available through any medium. Users looking for web hosting providers simply enter information about the type of web hosting they require, along with their budgets, and HostSearch.com generates a list of web hosting providers that meet their requirements.

HostSearch.com also allows people with firsthand experience of a web host’s services to offer ratings and leave comments. “This is the main strength of the site,” suggested HostSearch.com’s Web Editor John Hughes. “There are a number of sites around that monitor hosts for uptime and technical issues, but I think these details can appear a bit distant if they aren’t presented in a human context. A report about a host having X% downtime could never mean as much to someone as reading what that downtime meant to a host’s customer. Customer service is the one issue that provides value added for web hosts and, again, here is an area where statistics like ‘average call response time 5 minutes’ simply do not represent the quality of support a host provides. Quality can only really be gauged by personal experience and HostSearch.com enables users to share this type of experience.”

Alongside providing a database of reviews and ratings, HostSearch.com also offers a wealth of information of interest to web hosting users. The site has a bank of quality articles covering all aspects of web hosting, alongside interviews with web hosting players, a daily round up of the industry’s news, and Host Tour – a section of the site where web hosts post pictures of their staff and premises to present their human face. The site also offers one of the liveliest web hosting forums on the Internet.

HostSearch also provides a complete range of advertising options for web hosting providers. Alongside traditional banner and button advertising, the site offers bidding options, where hosts can bid to improve their position in site’s search results, and Host Quote – where people looking for web hosting submit their requirements directly to web hosts.

Discussing what has kept HostSearch.com at the top of its field over the years, Mr. Lavitrangsima suggested, “It has been a mixture of innovation and perspiration really. It is hard work, but we honestly appreciate providing a window on an industry that does not have a shop front store that customers can visit. It’s a nice feeling knowing that HostSearch.com has made such a positive contribution to web hosting for such a long time.”

About HostSearch.com:
HostSearch.com was established in 1997 and provides unbiased information about web hosting providers and the web hosting industry. The site maintains the largest database of information about web hosts available and continually upgrades its service to ensure the information it provides meets the requirements of its visitors. To learn more about HostSearch.com visit http://www.hostsearch.com.
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