Web Hosting Provider Ciberlynx Settles With SIIA

January 15, 2007
January 15, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – The Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA), a trade group representing software vendors and digital information providers, received $1 million in software piracy settlements in December 2006, it was reported in a recent press release sent by the organization. According to SIIA, 11 software piracy cases were settled last month.

A statement by Keith Kupferschmid, SIIA's Vice President of Intellectual Property Policy and Enforcement suggested December’s figures show that many companies do not have "adequate software compliance practices". Although the settlement figures for December seem reasonable high, Mr. Kupferschmid suggested that failure to cooperate with SIIA might have cost the organizations considerably more in fines.

Included in the companies who settled with SIIA were web hosting provider Ciberlynx. The company was shown not to have enough licenses to support the software it used. Ciberlynx paid damages of $130,000 based on their possession of unlicensed Adobe, Microsoft and Symantec software.
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