Web Hosting Provider eUKhost Ltd. Announces the Launch of Cloud VPS Hosting

February 9, 2010
February 9, 2010 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – eUKhost Ltd, a leading UK web hosting provider, announced the launch of it's much anticipated new service Cloud VPS Hosting. The company states that this cloud environment is based on VMware virtualization platform, which according to the company is one of the best solutions available for delivering 100% uptime in a virtual server environment.

The company explains that the offered solution, unlike any of the other cloud hosting solutions available in the market today, combines VMware's Fault Tolerance & High Availability feature that helps eliminates even the smallest of disruptions in the event of hardware failures along with its Distributed Resource Scheduler feature that continuously monitors virtual machines and physical servers. All Cloud Servers will be hosted in its Milton Keynes datacenter facility.

The company articulates that the current Cloud Hosting environment is powered by VMware virtualization technology, which enables them to setup highly available and fault tolerant clusters with multiple hardware nodes, while preserving the flexibility to choose between any type of OS, application and hardware. If any single node experiences failure for any reason, VMware will automatically move the affected websites to a backup node thereby eliminating the possibility of any downtime. With plans starting as low as 30 Pounds/month, customers can get enterprise-class hosting that delivers superior performance, reliability in the form of 100 % uptime and increased scalability.

Cloud VPS hosting plans are available for both Microsoft Windows and Linux OS. Each plan includes preinstalled software, including ASP.NET and SQL Server on Windows and PHP, Perl, and MySQL on Linux. Additionally, Cloud VPS plans feature 24×7x365 expert technical support and a 100% uptime guarantee.

"At eUKhost, our intention was to make the Cloud Hosting Service generally available to all users worldwide after successful testing of the product late last year. We received numerous requests from users wanting to test our cloud hosting environment and test VPSs were provided to some of our existing customers. These tests assessed the speed, functionality and reliability of our Cloud Hosting environment. Based on the results of these tests and feedbacks received, we decided to go ahead with the full launch of Cloud VPS Hosting, a service that will deliver peace of mind and satisfaction to our valued customers, says Ryan Watson, Business Development Manager at eUKhost".
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